Absence can indicate welfare concerns about children and young people.  It is the role of our support workers to:

  • Help identify concerns and indicators of possible abuse or neglect* of all pupils at an early stage, referring concerns to the appropriate agency.

*Physical, emotional, sexual and neglect

  • Help schools in their capacity to keep children safe in education inclusive of supporting safeguarding procedures and helping staff understand responsibilities.
  • When required, assist child protection agencies in the investigation of abuse in the protection of pupils ‘at risk’.
  • Make representation at Child Protection case conferences, core groups and reviews.
  • When appropriate, act as an advocate for the child or young person.
  • Be aware of the issue of forced marriage, child trafficking, FGM, safeguarding children in whom illness is fabricated and safeguarding children from abuse.

Our support workers are trained to Safeguarding Training Level 3 and are duty bound to statutory guidance, most notably ‘Working together to safeguard children’.