Persistent absence is of particular national, local and individual concern, as it reduces opportunity for children and young people to fulfil their educational potential, hindering life chances and reducing contributions to society. It also increases the risk of children and young people becoming involved in antisocial behaviour and crime.

Preventing persistent absence and supporting children and young people who find themselves persistent absentees is the mission of Attendance Plus.

  • Define the concern through the collection of information about the size, scope, characteristics and consequences of persistent absence.
  • Establish why persistent absence occurs using research to determine the causes and correlates of absence.
  • Establish the factors that increase or decrease the risk of persistent absence.
  • Establish what works to help children and young people back to regular attendance by designing, implementing and evaluating meaningful and effective interventions.
  • To work collaboratively with children, young people, families, schools and other services where and when needed.

Attendance Plus Memberships
– International Network for School Attendance (INSA)
– Association for Education Welfare Management (AEWM)

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