We provide holistic child and family support.

Pupil absence is often a first indicator of the need for child and family support. We therefore see absence as opportunity to provide early intervention holistic support to moderate the risks of not being in school (e.g. risks to attainment and children’s welfare).

Our support focuses on three unique areas to combat anxiety-based absence, severe and persistent absence.

Attendance for learning

Through reliable and consistent care our support helps children develop an intrinsic love for learning, which in itself motivates interest and desire to attend school. Our support is child-centred and ensures relevance and meaning for the child.

An in-depth holistic approach

We understand that difficulties away from school can affect children’s learning and focus for attending school. Our in-depth holistic approach identifies unmet needs children and families might have and removes these through direct and multi-agency support*.

*We convene and facilitate multi-agency support meetings.

Securing attendance for all

Children with severe and persistent absence can also be those most vulnerable and disadvantaged. We are experts in supporting and engaging children on the child protection register (Section 47), those with a Child in Need Plan (Section 17), and those children looked after (in public/fostered care).


  • The provision of a dedicated support worker to ensure improvement through a lead professional caring role.
  • Advocating children’s best interests, for their immediate and long-term futures.
  • Understanding strengths within families through the completion of an Initial Assessment and the co-production of a S.M.A.R.T plan.
  • Where necessary, convening multi-agency support to address identified unmet needs (e.g. through convening Professionals Meetings, Team Around the Child/Family approaches).
  • Where necessary and appropriate, the use of statutory intervention to support regular attendance (e.g. through the application of an Education Supervision Order, Penalty Notice, or Prosecution).