Holistic child and family support

Supports children with multiple needs e.g. social, emotional, economic, health, family and relational difficulties.

“This is different from support that we’ve previously had, the attendance worker gets my child. He’s now happy about attending school, plus they helped with our housing”.

Parent, Dagenham.
  • Identifies underlying barriers to attendance
  • Support is personalised and focused on attendance for learning
  • Provides wraparound family support

We help families identify barriers to achieving regular attendance and co-produce an action plan with them to make support relevant and meaningful, making attendance success more achievable and probable.


Support includes:

  • A dedicated support worker to ensure improvement through a ‘lead professional’ caring role.
  • Advocating children’s best interests, for their immediate and long-term futures.
  • Understanding strengths within families and to identify areas of unmet needs they might have.
  • Where necessary, convening multi-agency support to address identified unmet needs e.g. through convening Professionals Meetings, Team Around the Child/Family approaches.
  • Ongoing support to improve attendance, achieving resilience and self-sufficiency for this.
  • Where identified, to use the Attendance Mentoring scheme to support children and young people.

NB: Where ongoing absences occur, parents do not engage with support or condone absences, statutory intervention can/is likely to be instituted e.g. through the application of an Education Supervision Order, Penalty Notice, or Prosecution.

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