We help schools implement a Whole-School Attendance approach.

A Whole-School Attendance approach is a coherent strategy to ensure that no child is left behind.  Its core focus is the interrelationship between attendance and attainment.  It ensures all parts of the school work together to improve school attendance, and where appropriate and required, that local authorities and other local partners join this aim.

Whole-School Attendance contributes to improvement planning, SEF and meeting responsibilities to the new Department for Education guidance on school attendance (Working together to improve school attendance).


  • Sets down strategy in an effective Attendance Policy, affirming core values, responsibilities, systems and processes to ensure punctual and regular attendance.
  • Ensures synergy with other policies to ensure the education and welfare of all pupils is upheld.
  • Helps parents, children and young people understand the importance of being on time and attending school.
  • Reaffirms Home-School covenants and First Day absence arrangements to ensure clarity about roles, responsibilities and expectations.
  • Ensures responsibilities are met to statutory guidance.
  • Systematically analyses data to reduce the risks of lateness, severe and persistent absence.
  • Uses best practice working arrangements to ensure commitment from services and support outside of the school (e.g. social care, police, health and mental health teams).
  • Contributes to improvement planning, SEF and narrowing the gap.