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Attendance Mentoring supports children and young people in their preparedness for school and learning.  Supported by an Attendance Mentor children and young people are enabled to:

  • feel good about themselves
  • think about school and what it means to them
  • develop an intrinsic love with learning
  • improve punctuality and attendance because of this

The Attendance Mentor carries out a strength-based assessment with the child or young person.  This establishes their likes and dislikes, understands their ‘wishes and feelings’ (Voice of the Child), and builds this into a framework of support to improve punctuality and attendance.

An ‘Attendance Alliance’ is formed between the child, young person, parents / carers, school and mentor.

Attendance Mentoring can be used as a preventative support scheme and / or used as part of early intervention support.  It can also be used as part of an Education Supervision Order within a legal framework.

Attendance Mentoring Scheme

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