Mental Health & Wellbeing

Some children with attendance difficulties have worries and anxieties about attending school, and particularly so post-lockdown (COVID-19).

“The Attendance Mentor understood my child’s level of anxiety… I’m so glad that we took part in this… we’ve turned a corner and he’s now attending and happy to do so”.

Parent, Dagenham.
  • Improve attendance post-lockdown (COVID-19)
  • Supports children with anxiety-based absence

The Attendance Mentoring scheme supports pupil mental health and wellbeing. Regular time with an Attendance Mentor helps children establish a ‘rhythm and rhyme’ for attending school.

Attendance Mentor

An Attendance Mentor personalises support around children’s wishes and feelings. This includes establishing children’s:

  • likes and dislikes
  • what’s going well for them
  • worries that they might have and talking these through
  • what school means to them
  • current and future aspirations
Attendance Planning

Attendance Mentoring is supported by an ‘Attendance Planner’. This helps shared thinking and preparedness for school. The Attendance Mentor helps children think about:

  • getting organised for school
  • the importance of sleep e.g. for general health and for learning
  • the importance of routines for the school week/other
  • individual target setting (to achieve personal goals)
Family Support

Parents and carers are supported by reflecting on organising the school week, including preparing clothing and school things (school bags, reading books, etc.), completing homework & reading, the importance of taking an interest in children’s learning, ensuring correct sleep levels and achieving realistic wake times, and thinking about travelling to school. Discussion helps identify areas of support that the family might need e.g. from other services.

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