Create Confident, Capable and Resilient Learners

Children can sometimes be anxious or have worries about school, about peer relations, family relationships or for other reasons. We discuss and support these areas with the child, young person and family.  These leaflets, produced by the Anna Freud Centre, form the basis of our support. Leaflets provide simple advice and guidance about discussing feelings in everyday conversation.

Primary School: You’re never too young to talk mental health

This leaflet which was created alongside the Talking Mental Health Animation & Toolkit demonstrates how we can help children express their feelings, respond appropriately, and prevent small problems from snowballing into bigger ones.


Secondary School: Talking mental health with young people at secondary school

Teenage years are both exciting and challenging to parent and carers. It can be hard to know whether your child’s feelings and behaviour are normal or becoming a problem.


For more information see the Mentally Healthy Schools website.

Worried about attending school?

Worries can lead children and young people not wanting to attend school, for information about this, please see our page on school refusal.