Guide for parents / carers

This booklet has been produced to be used by practitioners (e.g. School Attendance Advisors) in their contact with families.  It is used to make parents and carers aware of their responsibilities to school attendance and punctuality and to be used as part of their discussion with them.


  • Absence and attainment
  • Compulsory school age
  • Who is considered a parent?
  • What is suitable education?
  • Parental responsibility
  • What is the law of school attendance?
  • Punctuality – why being on time for school is important
  • The role of schools regarding attendance and punctuality
  • Authorising absences
  • The role of parents
  • Notifying schools about absence
  • Remote learning (COVID-19)
  • Educational neglect and statutory pathways

School attendance and parental responsibility: information for parents

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