Responsible attendance ensures all children have fair access to education. We ensure this by:

  • Quick identification of children that could become persistently absent.
  • Focus on known groups of children at risk of persistent absence and low attainment (Pupil Premium, FSM, SEND, CIN and CP).
  • Thorough assessment to identify root causes for absence, by year group, theme, category and by pupil.
  • Profiling of pupil progress to highlight the impact absence has on children’s attainment.
  • Swift and early help to identify and remove barriers to learning.
  • Effective attendance support, time-bound to ensure improvements, no quick fixes or drift.


  • The welfare of children, through the confirmation of their whereabouts and safety.
  • Prevents and/or reduces persistent absence.
  • Facilitates improved engagement and participation in learning.
  • Prevents children and young people from being involved in antisocial behaviour and crime.
  • Mitigates the negative impact of poverty for children by ensuring they fulfil their educational potential.

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