“It takes a village to raise a child”

African proverb

Prevents absenteeism before it affects achievement – done by implementing a commissioning-based approach to attendance improvements, including:

  • Attendance Audit – to identify priorities for improvement planning*
  • Data analysis – for benchmarking / determining direction of travel
  • Strategic framework – to enlist stakeholders**, measure performance***, aid governance, and ensure accountability

*overall absence by school, year group and unique characteristics e.g. SEND, CIN, CP, LAC, FSM, Pupil Premium

**statutory and non-statutory agencies

***through a schedule and reporting mechanism (e.g. for SLT, Governors, Trustees, Community)


  • Use of data to co-opt school roles into ‘whole-school attendance improvements’ (e.g. Safeguarding, SENCo, Progress leads, Pastoral, SLT, Governors)
  • Use of ‘Working together to safeguard children’ to co-opt community support into attendance improvements

An ‘Attendance Improvement Plan’ provides an inter-disciplinary framework for delivery, reporting, and contributes towards improvement planning / SEF.

Community-based attendance support

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