OurAttendance – Attendance Casework with a difference

Attendance Advisors partner with the family, school and other support agencies where necessary. Advisors understand the unmet needs of the family and support these where possible. Concerns and worries impacting attendance are discussed with changes made where possible. Similarly, the child’s or young person’s dreams and aspirations are discussed with emphasis put to the importance of attending school to achieve these. A time-bound action plan is drawn up with the family and reviewed at incremental points to ensure objectives are being met and attendance is improving.  We celebrate successes with the family, child or young person and the school.

“Receiving an attendance certificate from Attendance Plus made my child feel very proud, it made me proud too. Now my other child wants one!”


Key features

  • Dedicated Attendance Advisor to support child and family.
  • Pre-CAF and Early Help assessment to screen and remove barriers from learning and/or to support the family.
  • Pupil Progress Form to enable discussion with family about child’s attainment.
  • ePortal to record attendance support with dedicated access for Parents (via the Family Portal), Attendance Manager, CP lead, SENCo and SLT, with notification of new contact and action points.
  • Attendance Tracker to support attendance reviews with the child and family.
  • Attendance Certificates and rewards to recognise improvements/celebrate success.
  • Case Studies to demonstrate support for children and young people e.g. for Ofsted.
  • Where required, legal intervention to secure regular attendance (see Legal).
  • GDPR compliant.

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