Raise Attainment Through Improved School Attendance

Attendance Support with a difference

Attendance Advisors partner with the child and family; unmet needs are understood and supported. Personal aspirations are understood and explored with a meaningful and time-bound action plan drawn up to help achieve these.

Key features

  • Dedicated Attendance Advisor to support the child and family.
  • Pre-CAF and Early Help assessment to understand and remove barriers from learning and/or to support the family.
  • ‘Voice of the Child’ to understand what’s going well, to explore worries and aspirations.
  • Pupil Progress Form to discuss what’s going well and to discuss any potential barriers in the way of realising attainment.
  • ePortal to record attendance support – dedicated access for Parents (via the Family Portal), Attendance Manager, CP lead, SENCo and SLT, with notification of new contact and action points.
  • Attendance Certificates and rewards to recognise improvements/celebrate success.
  • Case Studies to demonstrate support for children and young people e.g. for Ofsted.
  • Where required, legal intervention to secure regular attendance (see Legal).
  • GDPR compliant.

“Receiving an attendance certificate from Attendance Plus made my child feel very proud, it made me proud too. Now my other child wants one!”