School attendance services are often managed by a desktop case management process.  These have limitations such as

  • Recording casework actions takes time, they have no dropdowns to select common behaviours, interventions and actions.
  • Reliant on a postal distribution to inform parents/families about contact, actions and outcomes.
  • Accessibility issues, only the caseworker and their supervisor has access (no access by the school and/or family).
  • No workflow facility to distribute vital information within the school or when needing to escalate for children’s safeguarding concerns (at Section 17 or Section 47 levels).
  • Performance reporting not automated or accessible to the school e.g. to show school position/trend against local, regional and national data.

Attendance Plus provides an Electronic Case Management System at no extra cost to the school.

Key Features

  • Provides schools a workspace to record interventions pre and post referral e.g. reasons for absence, contact had with families (by telephone, text, face-to-face, email, notes).
  • ePortal enables real-time information for schools to understand casework status, interventions and outcomes of the Attendance Plus Attendance Advisor.
  • Family Portal provides electronic access; enables families to understand status of support, opportunity to review agreed actions and track attendance targets.
  • Attendance Performance Report scheduled for SLT; provides information about outcomes on interventions helpful for closing the gap work, commissioning and school improvement (information at pupil level, year group or by theme e.g. FSM, Pupil Premium, SEND, benchmarked to national, regional and local).
  • Electronic workflow enables escalation of Section 17 and 47 concerns; provides clear audit about the content of what was referred, the date referred, and the required outcome.
  • Electronic casework populates legal administration for Penalty Notice, Prosecution and/or Education Supervision Orders.
  • Technical back-up and user support.

GDPR compliant to international standards

The Future

Profile Plusbuilds an attendance profile for each pupil with an ability to predict and address attendance issues before they become problematic.

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