Education Supervision Orders (ESOs) can be an effective way to improve attendance; they complement Early Help practice and multi-agency operations, as they can involve agencies within a supportive framework. The purpose of an ESO is to improve school attendance through supporting parents exercise their parental responsibility. It recognises that, for some families, a prolonged period of support and guidance is needed to improve and sustain attendance. Rooted in the Children Act 1989 and under the supervision of the local authority, ESOs focus on the paramount needs of the child. They empower the supervising officer to direct parents and children in matters relating to school attendance.

Attendance Plus and Education Supervision Orders

Attendance Plus helps schools and LAs consider, implement and oversee ESOs. We do this by:

  • Support for the family in the context of achieving regular attendance / improved punctuality.
  • Undertaking the assessment and decision making for an ESO.
  • Making the ESO application.
  • Supporting the family in court proceedings.
  • Linking and collaborating with other agencies.
  • Supervising the ESO.
  • Extending and/or discharging an ESO.
  • Monitoring, evaluating and quality assuring the process.