Ensuring psychological safety and well-being

“Children learn best when psychologically equipped to take on new learning”.

Compassionate attendance support improves the well-being and learning experience of children by psychologically equipping them to take on new learning and building resilience.


Our difference
  • Child centred – we put children front and centre of the attendance support.
  • Sensitive – listening, we give time and opportunity to understand perspectives.
  • Holistic – we understand the child in relation to their family, school and community.
  • Early Help – we help remove barriers to achieving regular attendance.
  • Multi-agency – where needed, we lead Team Around the Family (TAF) support.
  • Evidential – for improvement planning, SEF and inspections (Ofsted).
Poverty aware

We understand the impact poverty has on children, their learning, mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We understand the impact mental health can have on attending school/education. We are trauma informed because traumatic life experiences can significantly impact children’s lives and attainment.


We enable and promote understanding about attending school/education during this time (COVID-19), inclusive of when to shield, self-isolate, undertake remote learning.

Ensuring health:

  • We help families reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • We provide information, advice and guidance about test and trace.
  • We support other areas: housing, access to food, relational, economics and finances, safeguarding and wellbeing.

Ensuring participation in education:

  • We provide advice about education platforms to ensure remote learning.
  • We understand requirements/resources for remote learning e.g. pens, pencils, paper and other stationery materials.
  • We understand resources for IT, Online and Devices, comprehension for and application of their use.
  • We provide advice and guidance about home learning workspaces and routines.
  • Legal measures – where necessary, we undertake legal work to secure regular attendance – see Legal.
  • Children’s safeguarding – all of our work is to ensure children’s welfare and safeguarding.
  • Data protection – we are respectful of and compliant to GDPR.
Ofsted – evidencing effectiveness

We help schools in their preparedness for inspections and regarding the submission of evidence for inspections. We do this by:

  • providing the Attendance Plan and Performance Schedule.
  • providing examples of good practice to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Attendance Support, inclusive of the impact on children’s learning, and the collaboration to achieve this (home, school/education, partner agencies).

Protecting children’s safety and wellbeing

Protecting against data breaches


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