Tier 3

The Attendance Awareness Course has been designed to cover most attendance offences in the United Kingdom.

The course is offered for educational purposes to those parents who have received penalty notices in regard of their children’s attendance (i.e. in relation to unauthorised absence, including persistent unauthorised lateness and unauthorised leave of absence / holidays in term-time).

It is provided to encourage parents to alter their attitude towards persistent absence and to help understand the potential consequences of continued irregular attendance and persistent lateness.

Helps understand

  • impact absence / lateness has on children’s education, well-being and future prospects
  • legal consequences of continued unauthorised absence

The course comprises six components which are undertaken over six one-hour time slots.

The course has been designed to elicit behavioural change in parents to prevent further offences from occurring and to prevent the potential institution of higher-level sanctions (i.e. Section 444 (1) and 444(1A)).

Attendance Awareness Course

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