Reducing Persistent Absence with heart

“The Attendance Advisor didn’t talk down to me… they helped me with housing and financial issues and to get my child’s attendance back on track”


Our approach, our difference

Our Attendance Advisors are sensitive to discuss family preoccupations (specific needs of the child, school difficulties, finances, health, family matters) and support these where possible. Advisors are adept to bring focus of the need for regular attendance by discussing the impact absence has on attainment relevant to the child, while sensitively discussing education law and responsibilities to this. Learn more > Responsible Attendance.

Electronic Case Management System (ECMS) – discussions, actions and outcomes electronically recorded, no more paper, no more waiting, new episodes notified by email. No extra cost for ECMS.

Attendance Plus

  • Supports families, directly or by signposting; referrals to MASH where required.
  • Equips parents to understand relevant law and responsibilities to this.
  • Focuses minds to the impact absence has on pupil attainment.
  • Enables attendance improvements by partnering with families, schools and other agencies as appropriate.
  • Recognises attendance improvements, celebrates and rewards these.

“We work hard to achieve excellent attendance, Attendance Plus provides a range of support for our families, as a result they’ve helped us improve our attendance and to reduce our persistent absence.”

Valence Primary School, Dagenham, Essex

Key features


  • Safeguarding risks understood and mitigated.
  • Families supported.
  • Improved attendance.
  • Improved commitment to home learning.
  • Improved attainment.
  • Persistent Absence reduced at pupil and school level.

Learn more

OurAttendance support for children and familes; MyAttendance staff training; OneAttendance a Whole School Approach to improve overall attendance.

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